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Disney leverages entertainment IP for business success

Disney holds 2,257 active patents as well as 2,287 trademarks, many of which protect design and character marks for beloved characters like Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse. One recently acquired …
By Steve Brachmann
5 years ago 0

Don’t Complicate Things: Existence of a License Comes Down to the Terms of a Contract

In a case located at the intersection of bankruptcy and IP law, the Third Circuit ruled that, under the terms of a contract, Walt Disney Studios Motion …
By Paige H. Forster
5 years ago 1

Top 10 Patents for 2014

Today, we’re picking the best inventions for which corporations from the Companies We Follow series have actually earned patent rights from the U.S. Patent and …
By Steve Brachmann
5 years ago 7

The Walt Disney Company – An Innovative and Creative Pioneer

A strong sense of innovation runs through the entire operations of the Walt Disney Company and the many forms of entertainment media developed by the corporation. For …
By Steve Brachmann
5 years ago 0

Stan Lee Media Sues Disney Over Marvel Characters

In a battle for the superheroes, an federal complaint alleging copyright infringement was filed on October 9, 2012 in the United States Federal District Court for the District of …
By Corinne Kerston
8 years ago 0

Copyrights Last for a Limited Time, At Least in Theory

Currently, the term for copyright protection is life of the author plus 70 years. To put this into perspective for you, Steamboat Willie initially aired in 1928. The copyright …
By Beth Hutchens
9 years ago 15

Opportunistic Disney Seeks to Trademark “Seal Team 6”

The Navy filed two applications for trademarks on May 13th. The first is application serial number 85320305 for “Seal Team”. The identified class is “membership in an organization …
By Beth Hutchens
9 years ago 7

Did You Know… Disney Patented Precision Fireworks Display

It is hardly news to anyone in the United States that fireworks are associated with a proper celebration of July 4th. But why exactly do we use …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 5