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Cirque du Soleil, developer of innovative theatrical productions, to be sold for $1.5 billion

There’s a commonly held notion that economic success and the professional pursuit of live performance are mutually exclusive. Although stagework might never be a stable job, the upcoming sale of Cirque du Soleil from founder Guy Laliberté to a group led by TPG Capital of Forth Worth, TX, for $1.5 billion should put to rest the idea that there’s no money in theater.

The Abandonware Conundrum: Can you modify games if publisher shuts down the server?

The EFF wants an exemption for people who want to modify their purchased games in order to bypass access controls when a publisher shuts down the server. Specifically, the EFF would like for any piece of software with server-based functions that are shut down by a publisher or developer to be considered “abandoned” six months later. This means that someone who owns a copy of a game that no longer has an online play component would be able to modify the game to eliminate authentication checks or access controls in the game itself so they can still play online using a third party server. This may also include reverse engineering and making intermediate copies of the game, which goes well beyond the skill set of the casual user.