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Disney to enter streaming video market in late 2019 with networks for sports, family entertainment

This August, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) announced that it will be releasing two large Netflix-like streaming video services which will both be available in late 2019 …
By Benjamin Joe
3 years ago 0

Internet Copyright Theft: Content Creators Must Stay Vigilant

Changes were made in the copyright laws of the United States in order to ensure that what David LaMacchia did would be criminal in the future. Nevertheless, …
By Gene Quinn
9 years ago 1

Biggest Problem Facing College Sports: Not BCS, It’s Video Games

In May 5, 2009, Sam Keller, a former quarterback at Arizona State and Nebraska University, filed a complaint against Electronic Arts (EA Sports), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), …
By Trent Merrell
10 years ago 13

Music and Fantasy Football Make the NFL Brand Great

This post may not be as off-topic as you think simply by reading the title.  Yes, I will be licking my wounds as a result of an …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 3

IPWatchdog Fantasy Football Draft Results

In a story that is totally off topic, but intended to continue to develop a sense of community that reaches beyond intellectual property, we had our IPWatchdog …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 1

Not All Invention Promotion Companies are Created Equal

I was at work today, doing what I usually do. I talk to inventors who want to patent their inventions. I speak to so many different levels …
By Renee C. Quinn
11 years ago 0