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The Hamdog is only one of many unusual U.S. patents covering bizarre foods

There are few foods which are more iconically American than hot dogs and hamburgers. The idea to mix the two together, however, comes from an Australian innovator …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 0

The Evolution of Food Safety: HOF Inventors John Silliker and Welton Taylor tamed Salmonella

The 2016 inductee class for the National Inventors Hall of Fame includes two microbiologists whose contributions to the field of food safety have helped to keep many foodborne …
By Steve Brachmann
4 years ago 0

Food production and preventative probiotics dominate at DuPont

DuPont is focused on a wide array of innovative technologies, many of which aren’t forefront in the consciousness of many people and publications following innovation. Currently, …
By Steve Brachmann
5 years ago 0

Food for a Super Bowl Party, IP Style

I decided to reach out to John Mola, who runs the PLI San Francisco Conference Center and is in charge of virtually all the PLI patent programs. …
By Gene Quinn
7 years ago 0

The Law of Recipes: Are Recipes Patentable?

In most cases the typical recipe for a "killer Margarita" or "the best barbeque sauce ever" will not be patentable, but the only way to know for …
By Gene Quinn
8 years ago 16