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Taiwan’s largest patent acquirer continues pursuit of electronic innovations

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (2354.TW) of Taipei, Taiwan, better known in some regions as Foxconn Technology Group, is the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer and produces electronic components for the iPad, iPhone, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and many other consumer technologies. Foxconn is engaging in some research and development activities that are looking to strengthen the company in areas…

Foxconn Innovation: Cleaning Robots, Fool-Proofing Manufacturing and Rotating Notebook Screens

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., also known as Foxconn Technology Group, is headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan. This electronics contract manufacturing company creates parts for many of the world’s most popular electronic products which are often sold under other brand names. manufactures the electronic components for a stunning array of devices, consoles and other electronics products. Foxconn is the most innovative corporation headquartered in Taiwan and one of the most inventive in the world. Improvements to cleaning robots and smart television sets are discussed in a couple of patents we explore. A couple of patent applications also discuss hardware improvements to notebook computer screens that allow them to rotate or be positioned in other ways.

Hon Hai / Foxconn Seeks Patent on Method of Simulating Boomerang Flight on Mobile Device

Other patent applications describe some fairly unique innovations which stirred our imaginations, including an electronic blackboard as well as a method of simulating boomerang flight paths through a mobile device. Hon Hai Precision is constantly patenting new technologies and our search of patents recently issued to this corporation from the USPTO rendered up a number of patents protecting some useful improvements to various electronics systems. A couple of patents are directed at components for dissipating heat from electronic devices. Container data centers, which house servers and other advanced computing electronics, are also the focus of a couple of issued patents, one of which focuses on heat dissipation while the other is directed at a system for reducing corrosion near areas with high atmospheric salinity.