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Hitachi’s latest patent activity reveals automotive tech and alternative energy focus

In 2014, Hitachi earned a total of 908 patent grants from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the 38th-largest total of U.S. patents issued to any single entity. When the patent activities of its subsidiaries are taken into account, however, the entire Hitachi Group earned 2,108 U.S. patent grants during 2014, according to our research using Innography patent analytics. As with most of the high tech Companies We Follow, we’re noticing a lot of innovation in control units and data storage devices, as reflected by our research using Innography search tools and represented in the text cluster diagram shown to the right. Hitachi has a very strong patent portfolio in automotive battery tech and even owns more patents in this field than Toyota.

Hitachi Patents: Big Data, Identity Authentication and Tsunami Protection

Many of the patent applications published recently by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and assigned to Hitachi involve various aspects of data storage and systems for data management, including a method for energy-efficient cooling of data center equipment. Hitachi is also involved in the development of automotive services, and we’ve included one patent application describing a vehicle information system that can improve pedestrian and bicyclist crossings. Other patent applications that intrigued us today include one waterproof panel for protecting a building against a tsunami influx and an identification system that can authenticate a person based on the blood vessel pattern in their finger.

Hitachi: A Variety of Diverse Innovation, Medical to Construction

Medical technologies are a major focus for many of the Companies We Follow, and our featured application today discuss one novel Hitachi innovation designed to improve patient care. This innovation provides a tile-based interface for providing biological information and medical advice to either patients or doctors, respectively. Improvements to heavy industry vehicle designs as well as an intriguing system of software analysis for farmland planning. Our coverage of Hitachi’s recently patented technologies brought us a closer look at more interesting inventions in more heavy machinery, especially construction vehicles, as well as a useful automotive system of obstacle detection to reduce the risk of nighttime pedestrian accidents. Other patents we cover include a downwind type of wind turbine and a mobile X-ray device similar to those we’ve seen developed by other corporations.