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Free IPW Webinar – The Great Equalizer: Democratizing Innovation with Big Data and IP Analytics

Everyone’s heard the term big data, but not everyone fully understands it. What we can all appreciate, however, is the intelligence big data can offer and its ability to improve our insights and expertise. Big data lets professionals spend time doing higher end analysis and strategizing—the type of work that just a few years ago could only be afforded by…

Free IPW Webinar – Driving Innovation: Standards in Licensing and Intellectual Capital Management

Across the world, innovation is the principal source of differentiated and defensible competitive advantage in business. The intellectual capital associated with the innovation is the largest component of enterprise value, yet it is not well-understood by our political, financial and business leaders. In this one-day program, leading minds in IP, licensing, and technology will come together to discuss the challenges…

Free IPW Webinar: The China Effect on Intellectual Property

  China is innovating at a more rapid pace than ever, thus gaining substantial influence on the global IP landscape. Chinese entities are becoming major patent holders in technologies of the future, with foreign companies experiencing better business opportunities and opportunities for collaboration. This has a major impact on the rest of the world’s IP strategy. But, how does it…

Don’t Give Up: Section 101 Allowances Are Up at USPTO

The data shows that Section 101 allowances at the USPTO are on the rise after a long period of decline, but the 101 situation still remains “alarming,” said panelists during IPWatchdog’s webinar—”A Tale of Different Software Innovations: The Uneven Impact of Alice”—last Thursday, March 7. While Congress is currently considering ways to address the patent eligibility problem, the likelihood of a legislative fix this year is slim, said Bob Stoll of Drinker Biddle. “I believe we will see introduction of legislation on 101 as early as this summer, but I don’t anticipate anything being enacted,” Stoll said. “There’s a lot more going on to occupy their interests on the Hill.”

Don’t Miss the Big Picture: What Companies Get Wrong When It Comes to IP Strategies

Yesterday’s IPWatchdog webinar, “How to Evolve Your IP Strategy Over Time,” focused on the trouble companies—both large and small—can run into when they don’t take the time to audit and implement concrete strategies to ensure they are focusing on developing valuable, rather than merely voluminous, IP portfolios. Michael Gulliford, Managing Principal at Soryn IP Group, said that there is often “a disconnect between the academic exercise of building a patent portfolio and the reality of running a business. It takes discipline and time to start implementing strategies to ensure it’s worthwhile.”

‘It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint’: How to Get and Keep Good Corporate Clients

Yesterday’s IPWatchdog webinar, sponsored by Anaqua, hinged on the statistic that 70% of in-house counsel surveyed by the American Bar Association in 2012 would not recommend their primary outside counsel to others and 87% would replace their current firm if given a good reason.

Panelists Bart Eppenauer and Benjamin Brown emphasized that avoiding complacency is key. “The legal industry needs to do a lot better,” said Eppenauer. “It’s not enough to deliver quality work; go to your client and ask how things are going or you could find yourself on the way out.”

Webinar: Preparing for Competitive IP Assertion and Litigation Threats

Patent enforcement campaigns led by patent trolls, non-practicing entities and patent assertion entities have been the focus of most in the intellectual property world for the majority of the past decade. Increasingly, however, we are seeing large entities in immature markets resorting to competitive IP assertion. Apple v. Samsung and Waymo v. Uber are high profile examples of large entity…

Webinar: Portfolio Montetization: Identifying the Valuable Patents in a Portfolio

Analytics and big data can provide insight into the potential value of a patent portfolio in many ways, even identifying assets ripe for redistribution. What may be a non-core asset for one could be an important missing piece for another. So, what if you could use big data to identify buyers who might be interested in patent assets you are…

Webinar: Disruptive Technology Through a Patent Lens

Half of the Fortune 500 companies in 2000 have disappeared and the average age of an S&P 500 company is under 20 years old, down from 60 years in the 1950s. The disruptive force of technology is the main cause. In this webinar, Nigel Swycher CEO along with; Lucy Wojcik, Head of IP, Ocado Group plc; Frank Dangeard, Director at…

Webinar: Best Practices for Avoiding Patent Prosecution Malpractice

This Webinar is Sponsored by Clarivate Analytics Malpractice concerns for patent practitioners are on the rise. As patents become more valuable and the intricacies of patent practice only continue to grow, the opportunity for mistakes with severe consequences are escalating. There is no substitute for being prepared, highly organized and having systems and policies in place to deal with a…

Webinar: The Art of Responding to Obviousness Rejections

Join Gene Quinn, founder and president of, for a free webinar discussion on responding to obviousness rejections and convincing examiners there is more to the claimed invention than the sum of its parts. Joining Gene will be John White, patent attorney and procedure expert.

Webinar: Are you Interested in Publishing on IPWatchdog?

Based on the experiences of current and previous guest contributors we know writing for is an excellent way to increase name recognition and establish yourself as an authority on a particular topic pertinent to the intellectual property community. Writing for can be a meaningful piece of any personal or firm branding campaign. Although is sometimes referred to…

Webinar: Optimizing Patent Prosecution to Achieve Stronger, More Valuable Patents

Join Gene Quinn, President and Founder of, President and Founder of, on Thursday, October 4, 2018, for a conversation about these factors and the importance of understanding the technology marketplace as a means to inform a savvier patent prosecution strategy. Joining Gene will be George Pappas, Senior IP Counsel for Volvo Cars and former Vice President at Qualcomm, and Martin Bijman, Director of IP Products at TechInsights.

Webinar: Patent Prosecution Strategies for the Realities of AIA

Join Gene Quinn on Thursday, September 27, 2018, for a free webinar discussion on the important topic of streamlining the patent prosecution process and stretching a patent budget efficiently. Joining Gene will be Stuart Recher, Vice President of IP Services for Clarivate Analytics.

Saving money by slashing patent attorney fees wastes every dollar

You get what you pay for, and C-level executives that play the role of bean-counter and only see that they are saving money today without any consideration of the damage they are doing long-term to their patent portfolios will wind up doing real, lasting and severe damage to their corporations. It is just that simple. The Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit have simply created too many impediments to obtaining and keeping a patent to justify the expense of spending any part of a budget on anything other than a patent that is done properly. So, you might think you are saving money by slashing patent attorneys fees yet again this year, but what you are doing is wasting every dollar you spend.