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Federal Circuit Affirms District Court Ruling that Dana-Farber Inventors Must Be Added to Patents for Cancer Treatment

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute last week had its district court win affirmed when the Federal Circuit upheld a decision that two of the Institute’s researchers must …
By Eileen McDermott
1 year ago 1

CAFC Affirms Rejection of Application for Incorrect Inventorship

The Federal Circuit recently affirmed a decision of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to reject VerHoef's pending application 13/328,201 for a dog harness under pre-AIA Section 102(…

Federal Circuit Hears Oral Arguments in Case Involving Question of Joint Inventorship Under Section 102(f)

In a prior abandoned patent application, VerHoef listed himself as joint inventor of the dog mobility device with Dr. Lamb, the veterinarian making the suggestion; this joint …
By Steve Brachmann
4 years ago 5

Inventorship 101: Who are Inventors and Joint Inventors?

Inventorship is one of the most fundamental concepts in patent law. Of course, fundamental does not mean easy or uncomplicated. Patents are granted to inventors, which is …
By Gene Quinn
4 years ago 14

Co-Inventors Must be Named, Even Those who Contribute to One Aspect of One Claim

On appeal, the Federal Circuit reviewed whether there was substantial evidence supporting the district court’s finding that Nathan and Matheson should be added as co-inventors. In …

Due Diligence on Startups: Patent Assignments and Inventorship Issues

Assignments are the mechanism to transfer title of a patent, just like deeds are used to transfer real estate... For due diligence, the owners of the patents …
By Russ Krajec
6 years ago 1

Reputational Injury Confers Standing to Sue For Correction of Inventorship

The Court expressly held that concrete and particularized reputational injury alone can give rise to Article III standing to correct inventorship under § 256. Recognition as an inventor of …

Ethical Issues: Staying in the Frying Pan and out of the Fire

In the situation where there is a joint research collaboration everything is fine, people are happy and hope springs eternal right up until that moment when everything …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 1