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IPW Webinar – Facilitating and Augmenting Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

For innovative companies the life blood is having engineers and scientists who produce invention disclosures. Unfortunately, as good as they are at creating, engineers and scientists are …
By Renee C. Quinn
6 months ago 0

IPW Webinar – Exploring the Continuum between Human- and AI-Generated Inventions: How Should Patents and Ownership be Allocated?

With the recent accessibility of big data sets and powerful computing systems, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used across industries to generate predictions. A human is always …
By Renee C. Quinn
6 months ago 0

Don’t Give Up: Section 101 Allowances Are Up at USPTO

The data shows that Section 101 allowances at the USPTO are on the rise after a long period of decline, but the 101 situation still remains “alarming,” said panelists …
By Eileen McDermott
3 years ago 2

The America Invents Act Five Years Later: Reality, Consequences and Perspectives

At exactly 11:42am on September 16, 2011, President Barak Obama signed the America Invents Act into law. As President Obama put his pen down he said: “All right guys, …
By Gene Quinn
5 years ago 22