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IPW Webinar: Building an Innovation Culture

Much has changed over the last year, and while vaccines and hope are on the way, a new normal still seems far off. In the meantime, science, …
By Kira Elliott
5 months ago 0

The Law Firm’s Reply: A (Satirical) Sequel to the IP Client’s ‘Love’ Letter

Upon receipt of the fateful “love” letter from its fictitious IP client, the fictitious law firm was speechless—momentarily. Feeling aggrieved and misunderstood, and yet hopeful that …
By Carlo Cotrone
2 years ago 3

Dear Law Firm: An IP Client’s (Satirical) ‘Love’ Letter

To the superstitious, July is often considered an unlucky month for weddings. In a nod to such lore, and to the leisurely and whimsical days of summer, …
By Carlo Cotrone
2 years ago 22