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Google, HTC, ZTE, Huawei gang up on small navigation software developer with IPR filing

Patent system savvy corporations are ganging up on a smaller developer within the nascent automotive software industry who had the temerity to assert a patent covering a …
By Steve Brachmann
4 years ago 22

Microsoft invents cloud-based driver warning systems, hover-based gaming controls

Microsoft is often found soaring high atop the intellectual property world in terms of the patents it’s issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. …
By Steve Brachmann
5 years ago 1

Telematics and alternatively powered vehicles highlight recent GM patent activity

Our research of General Motors’ recent patent activities using Innography’s research tools we created the text cluster diagram, which is shown left and relates to GM …
By Steve Brachmann
6 years ago 0

Texas Instruments Seeks Patent on Indoor Device Location

We’ve chosen for our featured patent application an interesting development that may finally make practical indoor mapping applications for electronic device owners feasible. This system, developed …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 0