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College, University Trademark Enforcement Campaigns Not a New Phenomenon

This activity has drawn a lot of attention and some commentators have gone so far as to decry these actions as “trademark bullying” carried out by powerful university interests and detrimental to the prospects of small businesses. According to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, founder and principal of the Gerben Law Firm, not every trademark enforcement campaign by a university constitutes bullying. “Universities have a lot of value in their trademarks and they have a legal requirement to police the marketplace to protect their trademarks,” Gerben said. “In some instances, universities just appear to forget about the public relations consequences of taking legal action, and, while the action may be legally justified, it is done in  a way that makes the university appear to be a bully.”

Evo of Tech: Harold Froehlich invents Alvin deep sea submersible while working at General Mills labs

Interestingly enough, the world of deep sea exploration actually owes a great deal of gratitude to a major American cereal company for providing a major advance in submersible vehicle technology. Sunday, September 24th, marked the 54th anniversary of the issue of patent covering an underseas vehicle technology issued to Harold Froehlich, then an engineer at General Mills. This May, Froehlich was included among the inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame’s 2017 class for his work in developing the deep sea human occupied vehicle Alvin.

Opportunistic Disney Seeks to Trademark “Seal Team 6”

The Navy filed two applications for trademarks on May 13th. The first is application serial number 85320305 for “Seal Team”. The identified class is “membership in an organization in the Department of the Navy”. By the way, there are 8 Navy SEAL teams that we are aware of, which may be one explanation for the application for just “Seal Team”, as opposed “Seal Team 6”. The other is serial number 85320473 for “Navy Seals” to be used on posters and clothing. Both applications are section 1(a), meaning the Navy is currently using the marks in commerce, and has been for quite some time. The Navy also owns the trademark registration “Seal” (registration no. 3285473), which indicates “membership in an organization of applicant that develops and executes military missions involving special operations strategy, doctrine, and tactics.”