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Preparing Yourself for When the Patent Market Explodes

Pundits I have heard talk about the economy suggest that there is anywhere from $1 trillion to $3 trillion sitting in business bank accounts just waiting for a signal. As that money starts to go online jobs will be created, the economy will look up and consumer confidence will start to rise, all of which are critical to signal a new economic re-invigoration. I sense that 2011 will be a better year than what most are predicting because I see signs that the economy is ready to explode, waiting for good news and reason to no longer fear the unknown.

PLI Sponsors Gene Quinn on Law Firm Speaking Tour

Over the last month or so it has been made known to PLI that some law firms might be interested in me coming to the firm to give a talk or presentation on some hot patent related issue of the moment. It has also come to my attention that a number of firms have weekly or bi-weekly sessions already scheduled where one member of the firm is tasked with creating a presentation worthy of CLE credit for a “lunch and learn” presentation. I am happy to come to your firm to give such a presentation, and at no cost to your firm. All you have to do is let me speak for 5 minutes about PLI offerings, such as their CLE Seminars, Patent Bar Review Course and Treatises. I promise these 5 minutes won’t eat into any CLE worthy presentation I give, and will meet any requirements as agree upon so as to make sure attorneys attending get appropriate CLE credit.

Nick Godici Part 2: Comparing Reagan and Obama, the Backlog, Examiner/Attorney Relations, Bilski & Being PTO Director

In this interview we talk about how two Presidents that are extremely different on so many fronts, Presidents Reagan and Obama, are pursuing quite similar strategies regarding the Patent Office. We also talk about the importance of good working relations between patent examiners and the patent bar, the enormous backlog of applications at the Patent Office, the Patent Office process for handling decisions and issuing guidance in situations such as the recent Supreme Court decision in Bilski v. Kappos and what it is like to be Commissioner for Patents and the Director of the Patent and Trademark Office.

PLI Patent Bar Review Summer Tour 2010

And now a message from the shameless commerce division, brought to you by the #1 Patent Bar Review Course in the Nation… the PLI Patent Bar Review Course. PLI is offering a 20% discount for those who sign up to attend the Orange Country course in Costa Mesa, California. To take advantage of the 20% discount you need to call the PLI Patent Bar Review Hotline at 888.296.5973 by the close of business Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

PLI Patent Bar Review New Live Course at Santa Clara May 24-28

PLI is pleased to announce a new live course added to the schedule in conjunction with the Santa Clara University School of Law’s High Tech Law Institute. The Santa Clara course is scheduled for Monday, May 24, 2010 to Friday, May 28, 2010. The PLI Patent Bar Review course is not typically Monday through Friday, and there are always some that say they would prefer a Monday through Friday live course, so if that is your preference here is your chance.

USPTO Announces Live Administered Exam Schedule for 2010

This year individuals seeking registration before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office) as patent attorneys and agents can take the exam at the USPTO on July 13 or July 14, 2010. The deadline for applying to take the exam in person at the USPTO is Friday, May 14, 2010. While the last time the Patent Office released Patent Bar Examination results is well over 3 years ago, over the preceding decade some 30,609 administrations of the exam, with 16,266 individuals passing the exam and becoming either patent attorneys or patent agents, which corresponds to an overall pass rate of 53.1%.

PLI Patent Bar Review Spring/Summer Tour 2010

It is about that time of the year where our calendar really starts to heat up. This course, which happens every year during law school spring break, finds us in Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the start of the NCAA College Basketball tournament. Once our Spring school tour is over then we will be back on the road teaching courses in New York City (May), Southern CA (June), Boston (July), Chicago (August), New York City (September) and San Francisco (November). We are indeed heading into our busy season!

What a Soon to be Patent Agent Learned from Googling Himself

“Patrick Walsh” was a little too broad; I limited it to “Patrick Walsh patent,” to see if anything of interest popped up more specific to my career as a professional patent searcher. What I found was this gem of early 1900’s journalism from the New York Times: Dated May 14th, 1909. If you were so unlucky as to fall victim to the former Walsh Bros. & Company, you were only down $4, Even by 1909 standards, $4 isn’t not the end of the world.

Patent Stories of the Decade – Honorable Mentions

At the end of 2009 I did a two part series setting forth what I believed to be the Top 10 Patent Stories of the Decade, see Top 10 – #1 to #5 and Top 10 – #6 to #10.  At the time I promised to do a third in the series, which would discuss the “Honorable Mentions.”  After taking…

Does My Degree Qualify Me to Take the Patent Bar?

Some of the most popular pages month after month on are our Patent Bar information pages, and given that I teach for the PLI Patent Bar Review Course we get a lot of e-mail inquiries regarding the patent bar examination.  Pretty much every week we hear from individuals who are interested in becoming patent agents or patent attorneys, and…

How Much Longer Can the USPTO Test an Old MPEP?

Last week I was in New York City teaching the PLI Patent Bar Review Course along with John White.  The week was a good one, although the city was crazy with heads of state at the UN, terror worries about NY City hotels and President Clinton at the Sheraton across the street from PLI headquarters at the Clinton Global Initiative…

Upcoming PLI Patent Programs

Patent Bar Review September 22-26, 2009, New York City In clear, concise, right-to-the-point language, this information-packed course leads you through the intricacies – and around the traps – of the Patent Bar Exam. You’ll get the hard facts, test-taking tips, sample questions and answers, and intense practice exams that mirror what you’re going to face when you sit down to…

The Time for Talk has Passed, So Lets Get Started

About 18 months ago while I was at PLI headquarters in New York City teaching a Patent Bar Review Course, my friend Bob Spar suggested that my view of Patent Office rulemaking was not helpful and in fact was part of the problem and that patent attorneys are at least as responsible for the state of the patent system as…

US Patent Office Speedy in Some Cases

I am writing to you live from Houston, Texas, where our summer long journey across America teaching the PLI Patent Bar Review Course finds us presently.  For those who are not familiar with Houston let me give you a quick weather report.  It is EXTREMELY HOT and EXTREMELY HUMID.  Luckily we are here at the South Texas College of Law,…

USPTO Schedules Written Patent Bar Exam for July

Those familiar with the patent bar exam will remember that just under five (5) years ago, on July 26, 2004, the Patent Bar Exam moved to a computer-based, virtually on-demand exam, which is available at a Prometrics testing site near you.  Prior to this change the patent bar examination was administered twice a year using examination booklets and multiple choice…