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Top Patent Blogs for 2018

This is an update for the Top Patent Blogs post that I published back in 2011… In preparing for this Top Patent Blogs post, I reached out to the writers (patent attorneys and patent professor) from the Top Patent Blogs post and asked them a few questions about why they maintain their blogs. Not all responded but from those that did, I got a sense that their blogs are more than just another means of attracting new business. For example, a few use blogging as a reason for reading cases and briefing them to keep up with the current state of patent law. The reasons varied far and wide. To summarize or to get to the essence of their differentiation, I asked them how they felt their blog was different from the others on the list. For their answers, see the Comment by Blog Manager column below in the ranking list.

An IPWatchdog Year in Review: A Look Back at 2013

The first piece of business it to announce that we were notified earlier today that was selected as the #1 IP by the Journal of the American Bar Association for 2013. That makes it 3 out of the last 4 years we were voted #1, and the 5th year in a row that the ABA Journal selected us to be in the Top 100 Blawgs. But as great a feeling as that is, perhaps the bigger news this year was that the ABA Journal selected to be in the ABA Blawg Hall of Fame. This is an honor currently shared with only 19 other blog, including Dennis Crouch’s PatentlyO… In 2013 our traffic increased to an average of 118,095 unique monthly visitors, representing 43% growth in 2013 compared with 2012. We also averaged nearly 139,000 unique monthly visitors during Q4 of 2013.

Updating the Top Patent Blogs

As you click through to each of the blogs, you will notice the content on each of the blogs is different. appears to be statistically driven. Mr. Crouch produces many different patent stats. We appreciate him for that. Gene’s blog is filled with opinion of legal patent developments. highlights how patents and other IP protection hurt society. The list goes on and on. Instead of visiting only the top blogs, I recommend that you spend some time reviewing each of the blogs because each blog infuses a bit of their own perspective and personality into the online conversations currently occurring in the blogosphere.

Best in Patent Related Investigative Reporting for 2009

Over the last 18 to 24 months it seems that patent news has been increasingly entering the mainstream.  This is likely in no small part due to the growth of patent blogs and online magazines, which make it every more easy for interested news reporters, columnists and others to find high quality, specialized treatment of issues relating to innovation, technology…

Top Patent Stories of the Decade 2000 – 2009 (Part 1)

This year as we wind down and look back we not only need to look back at the previous year, but the first decade of the new century and new millennium will be ending.  So at this reflective time of year it seems appropriate to take a look back at the biggest patent related news stories of the decade.  As…

The New Look Technorati and Technorati Authority

Earlier this month Technorati underwent an extreme makeover of sorts, not only with respect to the site design, but also with respect to how blogs are ranked.  Technorati is now the fifth largest social media property, still well behind and, but somewhat surprisingly ahead of and  The new Technorati not only focuses on trying to provide…

The Top 50 Patent Blogs

I am pleased to announce the top 50 patent blogs. This is non-scientific, but efforts have been made make the list as meaningful as possible.  Phase 1, which counted for 50% of the score, was an objective phase that was based on links and traffic, as determined by my research using Technorati and Alexa.  Phase 2, which likewise counted for…