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Deputy Commissioner Drew Hirshfeld Appointed as New Commissioner for Patents

Hirshfeld succeeds Margaret “Peggy” Focarino, who served at the USPTO for 38 years and retired in early July 2015. While there were many highly qualified applicants for the Office …
By Gene Quinn
6 years ago 0

The End of an Era – Commissioner for Patents Peggy Focarino Retires

Since she first joined the USPTO as the newest examiner in 1977, Focarino has worked tirelessly in a variety of different roles, always as a public servant. Not …
By Gene Quinn
6 years ago 4

In Capable Hands: Profiling the New Leadership at the PTO

Before profiling the top officials who will continue the work of the patent system, allow me also to pause and recognize a truly extraordinary moment in Patent …
By Gene Quinn
8 years ago 3

Bob Stoll Part 3 – SCOTUS, the Future CAFC, Inequitable Conduct

In this final installment, Bob Stoll and I discuss the United States Supreme Court. We spend some time talking about the Supreme Court's recent patent eligible subject …
By Gene Quinn
9 years ago 2

Bob Stoll Part 2 – Innovation, Economy, Patent Examination

In part 1 of my interview with Stoll we discussed his adjusting to life in the private sector, the fact that he doesn't enjoy the billable hour part …
By Gene Quinn
9 years ago 2

Patents, Politics and Life on K Street – My Interview with Bob Stoll

I tried to get Stoll on the record while he was at the USPTO.  I don't think he dodged me, it just never worked out.  I travel …
By Gene Quinn
9 years ago 3

Exclusive Interview: Commissioner Focarino — Part 3

In this final installment of my interview with Peggy Focarino, Commissioner for Patents, we discuss the examiner count system, production and Art Units and Patent Examiners that …
By Gene Quinn
9 years ago 6

Exclusive Interview: Commissioner Focarino — Part 2

In this installment we discuss a day in the life of the Commissioner for Patents, negotiating with the Examiner’s Union relative to the updated examiner count …
By Gene Quinn
9 years ago 0

Nick Godici Part 2: Comparing Reagan and Obama, the Backlog, Examiner/Attorney Relations, Bilski & Being PTO Director

In this interview we talk about how two Presidents that are extremely different on so many fronts, Presidents Reagan and Obama, are pursuing quite similar strategies regarding …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 4

On the Record with Former PTO Director Nick Godici – Part 1

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Godici, and we managed to get into a wide variety of issues that ranged from his early days as a patent …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 9

Professor Arti Rai to the Patent Office? I Sure Hope Not!

I wish I had some inside information to pass along, but I do not.  All I can seem to come up with is unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo, …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 11

John Doll Announces Retirement from USPTO

I have been saying for months that the logical thing would be for John Doll to retire, and earlier today the United States Patent and Trademark Office …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 6

Deputy for Patent Exam Policy: The Devil is in the Details

We argue, hour by hour, day by day, about large issues of morality and ethics and discuss how to make our nation “green”. We discuss large high-level …

Help Arrives! Nick Godici Returns to Patent Office

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke yesterday announced the appointment of former USPTO official and long-time patent professional Nicholas P. Godici as a special advisor to the …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 2

Patent Examiners Told To Issue Patents

I just spoke with Mark Malek, a patent attorney at the firm I am with – Zies Widerman & Malek.  Mark had an interesting conversation earlier today with …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 19