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Patent Litigation Likely to Rise with More Litigation Financing Opportunities

From increasing damage awards into the billions of dollars, to a new hot patent court for plaintiffs in West Texas, to increased financing available from litigation funders to growth in competitor lawsuits with large entities looking to monetize their own portfolios, there is a changing face of patent litigation as we head into a post-pandemic world.

Masters Offer Hope for Patents Despite Current Challenges

Experts speaking during IPWatchdog’s Virtual Patent Masters Symposium yesterday expressed concern over the state of the U.S. patent system, but also offered a number of solutions, and many took a cautiously optimistic outlook for the future. In one session, Patent Masters Q. Todd Dickinson of Polsinelli, Judge Theodore Essex of Hogan Lovells, Retired Chief Judge Paul Michel, and Robert Stoll of Drinker Biddle discussed the Supreme Court case eBay Inc. v. MercExchange, wherein the former bright line rule of issuing permanent injunctions was replaced by a four-factor test according to familiar rules of equity that apply to all areas of law. While the consensus among the Masters was that eBay has created a multitude of problems, Judge Michel pointed out that eBay has been misinterpreted by the district courts.

IPWatchdog Patent Masters™ Symposium 2019 (In-Person)

Patent Masters is designed to be a high-level symposium for attorneys and professionals interested in an in-depth exploration of topical legal issues facing those that prosecute, litigate, license and monetize patents. Discussions will be led by some of the top thought leaders in the industry and will cover what is happening in the Courts, on Capitol Hill, and at the USPTO.