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Debunking the Myth that Patents Create a Monopoly

Many inventors operate under the misunderstanding that getting a patent is like owning Boardwalk and Park Place in the popular board game “Monopoly.” Unfortunately, turning a patent grant into cash is much more complicated than simply placing hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place. Those who are against patents always seem to argue that a patent is a monopoly, or at least use those terms interchangeably. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a patent is a monopoly. Simply obtaining a patent will not result in the the arrival a money truck to your doorstep.

Facebook Gets US Patent on Social Network News Feeds

Earlier this week, on February 23, 2010, Facebook was granted US Patent No. 7,669,123, which covers a patent on a method for dynamically providing a news feed about a user of a social network. While this may have been new to social networking sites in December 2005 through August 2006, automatically updating news feeds were hardly new even then.

Submarine Patents Alive and Well: Tivo Patents DVR Scheduling

Submarine patents are not ever likely going to be the problem that they once were prior to the publication of patent applications at 18 months and prior to the change in patent term. On June 8, 1995 the term for a US patent changed from 17 years from issuance to 20 years from filing. There is still an opportunity to obtain additional patent term, for example where the Patent Office interjects unnecessary delay into the process, but it is unrealistic to think that patents will remain pending unknown for decades, which was frequently possible and how Lemelson masterfully manipulated the system, within the rules of course. But the TiVo patent was pending for a decade, unknown and secret. That should not be able to happen and should justifiably cause an alarm.

Google Books Patent Suggests Copyright Friendly Censorship

In this patent Google gives us a glimpse at the possible future of Google Books, which can censor books it serves based on the copyright laws of the location from which you access the Internet. In one implementation the method disclosed includes a user requesting a document, the request being received, information being processed and the viewable portions of the document being determined based on the governing copyright laws. The governing copyright laws are determined based on information relating to the user, such as relying on the IP address of the requester, which can disclose the geographic location of the user, at least when it is not spoofed.

The Apple Way: Repeated Innovation + Patent = Domination

Those who are readers of on a regular basis are familiar with the jousting that goes on in the comments between myself and a core group of patent believers and those who are, shall we say skeptical of the value of patents and would prefer that patents simply not exist, or at least not exist in certain areas, such…

Google Seeks Patent on YouTube Video Advertisements

Last week a US Patent Application No. 20100010893 published detailing an invention relating to digital advertising, and more particularly to creating video overlay advertisements suitable for use with digital videos. The owner is Google and the patent application was originally filed on July 9, 2008. It seems that the Internet giant and purveyor of the extraordinarily popular YouTube video sharing website,…

Top Patent Stories of the Decade 2000 – 2009 (Part 1)

This year as we wind down and look back we not only need to look back at the previous year, but the first decade of the new century and new millennium will be ending.  So at this reflective time of year it seems appropriate to take a look back at the biggest patent related news stories of the decade.  As…

The Risk of Not Immediately Filing a Patent Application

Everyone views the world through a prism, and the prism I look through is different than the prism others look through.  That should hardly come as a surprise given that we each find ourselves at any point in time being where we are as a result of the journey we have taken.  It is, therefore, not surprising that those who…

New Amazon Software Patent, Shakespeare & © Infringement

Amazon Technologies, Inc., received US Patent No. 7,610,382, which relates to a computer implemented method of marking copies of content distributed on a network. More specifically, the patent discloses and claims a variety of embodiments of a method and associated apparatus for programmatically substituting synonyms into text content distributed through a Web service.

Congress Urges Strong IP Stance in UN Climate Change Talks

As first reported by Bartholomew Sullivan of The Commercial Appeal, last week, on October 22, 2009, thirty-four members of Congress wrote a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging her to steadfastly support strong intellectual property rights and not to given in to international demands that would weaken intellectual property rights, particularly patent rights. The concern expressed by these…

Decision to Deceive Mismarking Products with Bogus Patent Numbers Can Cost You

False marking is a statute in the Patent Act that imposes civil liability for intentionally marking a product as patented when it isn’t. We’ve all come across a product marked with the phrase, “This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. (fill in the blank).” Such marking puts the world on notice that the patent holder has exclusive rights to…

Microsoft Seeks Patent for Graphical Representation of Social Network Vitality

The Redmond Giant, Microsoft Corporation, had US Patent Application 20090265604 publish, which seeks to protect a method for displaying a graphical representation of the vitality of a social network. This patent application was filed on April 21, 2008, and is one of many related to social networking that Microsoft has pending presently.

The Making of a Good Patent Related Press Release

One of the most frustrating things I encounter when blogging is finding a really great story courtesy of a press release and then realizing that the press release provides so little useful information that it is impossible to write anything other than a puff piece, which I simply will not do.  From time to time I have even written to…

Beware the Anti-Patent Misdirection and Lies

Anyone who has been reading over the last several days knows that anti-patent advocates have been lambasting me for taking the position that patents are not evil and that more than a 0 year patent term is appropriate.  This debate was progressing about as well as you could expect I suppose.  I was making arguments and the anti-patent advocates…

Patent Buddy Releases Top 100 Law Firms List

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 11:54am Eastern It has come to my attention that the Patent Buddy Top 100 seems to be flawed.  I have been contacted by one firm on the Top 100 list and told that number of patents they obtained in 2008 is at least double what is listed on the list.  I then did a…