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The Increasingly Important Roles of Bloggers in Post Grant Proceedings

Both petitioners’ and patent owners’ reliance on blog articles in the course of post grant proceedings has been approximately equal. However, the manner in which the blog …
By Timothy J. Maier
5 years ago 1

IP Tweeters You Should Be Following on Twitter

Those with Twitter accounts who are looking for some good folks to follow look no further. Likely everyone in the industry is already familiar with folks like …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 1

Hal Wegner, You Now Have My Full Attention

I guess I have finally made the big time!  Earlier today Hal Wegner’s e-mail newsletter was passed along to me by someone who is a subscriber …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 14

Professor Arti Rai to the Patent Office? I Sure Hope Not!

I wish I had some inside information to pass along, but I do not.  All I can seem to come up with is unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo, …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 11