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Hurricane Maria Delivered the Injury to Puerto Rico, But New Tax on Foreign IP Delivered the Insult

The year 2017 proved to be a difficult one for the territory of Puerto Rico. Even before Hurricane Maria hit in September of that year, the island was …
By Franco Galbo
3 years ago 1

U.S. Patents to the Citizens of Porto Rico from 1899-1917

Today, on the eve of the discovery of Puerto Rico in 1493 by the Spaniards, we will take a look at U.S. patents issued to citizens of …
By Luis Figarella
5 years ago 6

Innovation can create economic success in developing countries facing the middle-income trap

A rising tide lifts all boats. While an age-old saying, the concept is relatively simple really. Of course, the path to broad based economic opportunity for all …
By Angélique McCall
5 years ago 0

From Discovery to Transfer, Puerto Rico Patents from 1850-1898

Puerto Rico was discovered by the Spaniards on Nov. 19, 1493, during Columbus’ second voyage. For the next 400 years, it was a Colony of Spain, with two brief interruptions, …
By Luis Figarella
6 years ago 5