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IPW Webinar: Creating a Patent Landscape Game Plan: Identifying Strategic Threats and Potential Incoming Litigation

Patent landscape monitoring is about so much more than simply identifying white space. For those who engage with strategic purpose, patent landscape monitoring is about competitive intelligence, whether that intelligence presents itself in the form of competitors encroaching upon your marketplace with new products, or copyists who are or likely will be engaging in infringement. In this webinar, the panel…

Introducing Patent Search & Analytics from Relativity

Relativity, the well-known legal and compliance technology company, is announcing its new Patent search product. Join us for an early look at the tool, and hear from three leading law firms on why Relativity Patents is different than their other search options. Relativity takes the time and effort out of patent searching with two service options: Either run your own…

137 Years of Einstein: The scientific contributions of Einstein continue to amaze

On February 11th, 2016, researchers working at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced that, for the first time ever, gravitational waves had been directly observed. The discovery of these waves provides further confirmation of the scientific theory of general relativity, which was first promoted by German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. Given today would have been Albert Einstein’s 137th birthday, we wanted to revisit this recent discovery and explore what it means for the future of scientific research.