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Gene Patents: Getting Beyond Witch Trials

The USPTO Roundtable on genetic testing exposed claims that have driven the debate so far to a rare scrutiny.  Perhaps the bonfires being prepared for the accused …
By Joseph Allen
9 years ago 1

PTO Hosting Public Information Events on America Invents Act

Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and USPTO Director David Kappos will participate in both events, joined by several senior USPTO officials. An in-person roundtable addressing …
By U.S.P.T.O.
9 years ago 0

USPTO to Host Roundtable on Three-Track Patent Proposal

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will be holding a public roundtable discussion on its proposed Enhanced Examination Timing Control Initiative, also known as “Three-Track,” …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 8

USPTO Announces New Examination Rules, Seeks Comment on 33 Questions

With respect to Track I, of particular note is the fact that the Patent Office is considering limiting the number of claims in a prioritized application to …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 1

Kappos Round-Table Listening Continues on Campus of USPTO

There were probably about 40 people in the room, and the event was broadcast live over the Internet. Kappos took a number of questions and seemed very engaged. …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 9

Requesting Deadline Extension on BPAI Rules of Practice

On January 20, 2010, the Patent Office is hosting a 3-hour “roundtable” to discuss the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) regarding Rules of Practice Before the Board of …
By Richard Belzer
12 years ago 5