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The Supreme Court’s Actavis Decision, Or Why Pay-for-Delay Litigation Just Got More Active

In this case, the Supreme Court considered an arrangement by which brand firm Solvay paid generics Watson (now Actavis) and Paddock roughly $30 to $40 million to delay entering …
By Michael Carrier
8 years ago 1

Patent Misuse, Exploring the Basics

The term "patent misuse" refers to specific types of prohibited behavior engaged in by the owner of the patent rights. Patent misuse is an affirmative defense that …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 2

Antitrust Law Basics: A Primer on Patent and Copyright Misuse

With copyright misuse having recently been successful in a rather high profile case I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit patent misuse and misuse concepts generally. …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 5

Antitrust Issues in College Athletics: Should Needle Apply

Earlier this month Dechert LLP, representing an undisclosed number of companies (“stakeholders”), sent a letter to IMG College (“IMG”) and its licensing division, the Collegiate Licensing Company (“…
By Beth Hutchens
10 years ago 4

NFL Players vs. Owners: A Hail Mary of a Lawsuit

About 10 years ago, the NFLP decided that they wanted Reebok (and only Reebok) to make hats with the teams’ logos on them. American Needle, Inc., a competitor …
By Beth Hutchens
11 years ago 4