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The Small Practicing Entity Bears the Brunt of USPTO IPR Challenge Procedures

Nearly 44% of all patents on which petitions were filed against are patents being held by large entities. While this is a significant increase from the earliest days …
By Steve Moore
7 years ago 9

Patent Troll Epilogue – A Fractured Fairy Tale Part 5

How we deal with the problems uncovered herein is something for deliberate consideration, not the activity of an automaton. For example, this paper demonstrates that patents asserted …
By Steve Moore
7 years ago 13

A Factured Fairytale Part 4: More Patent Troll Myths

As can be seen from Fig. 12, 25% of the cases brought against the retailer were actually brought by Producer companies. The other 75% of cases could indeed be classified …
By Steve Moore
7 years ago 0

A Factured Fairytale Part 3: More Patent Troll Myths

Myth 4: Patents of NPEs fare much more poorly in reexamination proceedings brought during litigation than those of Producers. Truth: When one includes independent inventors and independent inventors …
By Steve Moore
7 years ago 1

Probing 10 Patent Troll Myths – A Factured Fairytale Part 2

There are many myths that are attached to the fable of the so-called “patent troll.” Acting like the MythBusters, we probed some of them. For example, the …
By Steve Moore
7 years ago 7

A Fractured Fairy Tale: Separating Fact & Fiction on Patent Trolls

Our first move was to understand who was being identified as “Trolls” by the authorities who have been writing articles so long on the topic. We were …
By Steve Moore
7 years ago 3