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Report: Top IPR Law Firms of 2021

The annual IPR Intelligence Report evaluates all stakeholders in Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings each year. Here, we will reveal some of the best law firms involved in the 7,582 IPR challenges filed during the period of the study. In order to have a meaningful comparison, as well as compensating for the time required for each case from filing to completion (e.g. 6 to 18 months), we covered a period of five years, from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2021, using the latest updates for the cases as of August 20, 2021. During this period, a total of 7,582 IPRs were filed to challenge 5,087 unique patents and 80,831 unique claims. Nine-hundred and thirty law firms and a total of 5,341 attorneys represented 2,658 companies involved in one or more IPRs as patent owners or petitioners.