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In midst of stiff corporate headwinds, Toshiba maintains spot as leading innovator

Toshiba exists among the giants of the U.S. patent landscape, placing sixth among all companies in terms of patents received from the U.S. Patent and …
By Steve Brachmann
6 years ago 0

IBM receives most U.S. patents for 23rd consecutive year

IBM once again has topped the list of annual U.S. patent recipients, receiving 7,355 patents in 2015. This is the 23rd consecutive year IBM has received more U.…
By Gene Quinn
6 years ago 2

Toshiba seeks patents on medical imaging, radioactive waste disposal

The Toshiba Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, is a multinational conglomerate with business activities in electronic components, power systems, information technology and household appliances. One of the company’…
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 0

Top 10 Patents for 2014

Today, we’re picking the best inventions for which corporations from the Companies We Follow series have actually earned patent rights from the U.S. Patent and …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 7

Toshiba Patents: From Memory Devices to Smarter Retail Stores and Seawater Desalination

We share a trio of patent applications discussing improvements to memory devices, especially flash memory devices. A number of intriguing technologies which we share below are also …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 0

Toshiba Seeks Patent on a Method for Generating an E-Check

We begin our look at Toshiba’s recent inventions with a thorough look at today’s featured patent application, which describes a system designed to increase the …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 8