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What Brand Owners and Small Businesses Can Learn from’s Trademark Enforcement Campaign

U.S.-based online outdoor goods retailer,, has faced a significant social media backlash over the past month, with both customers and competitors publicly reacting …
By Erik Alsegard
5 months ago 4

eBay removes spin bike listings because ‘spin’ is apparently trademarked

VeRO is ebay’s Verified Rights Owner program. VeRO allows a right’s owner (someone who has a verified trademark, copyright, etc.) to request removal of an …
By Heather Antoine
5 years ago 0

Trademark Bullying: Defending Your Brand or Vexatious Business Tactics?

The USPTO defined the term Trademark Bullying as the vexatious practice of a trademark owner that uses its trademark rights to harass and intimidate another business beyond …

Under Armour Sues Body Armor for Trademark Infringement

Still, it seems a little reckless to me to select a trademark that incorporates "ARMOR" or "ARMOUR" when entering an industry that has a heavyweight such as …
By Gene Quinn
8 years ago 3