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Terminology Management: Ensuring a Consistent Brand When Protecting IP Overseas

A North American fondue restaurant franchise found out just how essential terminology management can be when it expanded into Mexico in 2010. A translation service provider previously translated …
By Kevin Nelson
6 years ago 0

Lost in Translation

What brought these painful memories back was reading a story titled Russian scientists and businessmen discussed the global role of universities and technology issues. I was casually …
By Joseph Allen
8 years ago 2

A Business Tutorial: Four Ways to Stretch Your Patent Budget

Whether your annual patent budget is in the tens of thousands of dollars or the tens of millions of dollars, the pressure to do more with less …
By Todd Rapier
8 years ago 2

Apple Patent Application Improves Mandarin Chinese Translation

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office only released 16 published patent applications from Apple this week, which is a fair amount less than usual. Many of the applications …
By Steve Brachmann
9 years ago 0

Five Pillars of Success for IP Translations

Translating patents isn’t like translating press releases or whitepapers. These materials can be reworded, adjusted, modified, and reformatted to accommodate linguistic nuances. Patents, however, require very …
By Lyle Ball
9 years ago 4

6 Strategies for Managing Patent Translation & Filing Costs

It is one thing to cut costs, but to borrow a popular political phrase – you want to cut with a scalpel, not a cleaver. Thus, keeping in …