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Paul Terasaki Revolutions Organ Donor-Recipient Matching With the Terasaki Tray

This July 8th marks the 32nd anniversary of the issue of a seminal patent in the field of organ donation and it protected a technology which became …
By Steve Brachmann
2 years ago 1

Andrei Iancu submits questionnaire to Senate, more info on USPTO Director nominee

There is growing speculation among Capitol Hill watchers that the Judiciary Committee may soon be ready to hold a nomination hearing to vet Iancu’s credentials to …
By Steve Brachmann & Gene Quinn
3 years ago 5

Interview With UCLA Law Professor Doug Lichtman

For years I have known for Doug Lichtman, at least in a virtual, Internet kind of way.  He was kind enough to share his thoughts and views …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 1