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Exclusive Interview: PTO Director Andrei Iancu and OED Director Will Covey on Practitioner Dues, CLE and Unauthorized Practice

The focus of this interview was OED generally, but more specifically why they Office felt it was necessary to begin charging annual dues to practitioners and what …
By Gene Quinn
2 years ago 11

Leason Ellis Sues Another Trademark Scammer in Federal Court

The firm is back at it again in 2013 taking on another alleged trademark scam operation after successfully prevailing in a similar claim just over 1 year ago against …
By Gene Quinn
8 years ago 0

LegalZoom and Washington State Reach Agreement Over Unauthorized Practice of Law

The State of Washington has just entered into an Assurance of Discontinuance with LegalZoom relating to charges that LegalZoom is engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 40

Patent Office Disciplinary Actions and the Lack Thereof

I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what the Office of Enrollment & Discipline has been up to since the start of 2010. To be …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 10

LegalZoom Sued in Class Action for Unauthorized Law Practice

While the LegalZoom model is one that has a lot of appeal, it seems to me that it is just too difficult to pull off without engaging …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 23

Suggestions for Fixing the US Patent System

In order to jump start a constructive debate I throw out the following nine suggestions that would, in my view, assist in solving the patent crisis that …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 17

LegalZoom Continues Unauthorized Practice of Law

It is unbelievable to me that the United States Patent and Trademark Office allows to continue in what can only be described, at least in …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 22

Fraud Leads to Lost Trademarks and Patents

Today you can hardly do a search on any search engine on the topic patents or trademarks without stumbling across an ad from, or one …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 6

Sadly, Invention Promotion is Alive and Well

Those who regularly read may remember that on August 25, 2008, I wrote that the United States Patent & Trademark Office had finally, once and for all …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 1