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John Calvert, A Champion for Indepenent Inventors

John Calvert, a twenty-four year veteran of the USPTO, retired in June 2014. If you are in the independent inventor or product commercialization communities you undoubtedly know Calvert. …
By Gene Quinn
6 years ago 0

A Conversation with New UIA Executive Director John Calvert

Many within the independent inventor community are well acquainted with John Calvert. Calvert started out working for the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent …
By Gene Quinn
6 years ago 1

Hook, Line & Sinker: USPTO Warns About Invention Scams

On Thursday, November 4, 2010, I attended the 15th Annual Inventors Conference at the USPTO.  In my article Reporting from the 15th Annual USPTO Inventors Conference I discussed the …
By Renee C. Quinn
10 years ago 4

Lots of Support at Patent Office Three Track Public Meeting

All in all I would characterize the mood of the PTO officials I spoke with as up-beat and the mood of the stakeholders in attendance was generally …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 26

UIA Letter to Congress on Patent Reform, Kappos & First to Invent

The UIA sent a letter to Senator Leahy and Congressman John Conyers. The UIA hopes what is most newsworthy about the letter is their appreciation of Kappos’ …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 13

Kappos Trying to Sell Patent Reform to Independent Inventors

Director Kappos is making his case for patent reform by making 4 key points. First, patent reform would lower patent office fees for independent inventors and presumably small …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 21

Patent Coalition Established to Oppose Legislation Harmful to Small Businesses and Individual Inventors

SAN DIEGO, CA (Marketwire – December 15, 2009) – A group of organizations today announced that they have banded together to form the Small Business Coalition on Patent Legislation created to …
By Press Releases
11 years ago 0

My Position on the UIA and Inventors Digest

Just 12 days ago I publicly resigned from the Board of Directors of the United Inventors Association over concerns I had with respect to the UIA.  Since that …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 0

Rules for Working With a Patent Attorney

This article was written for the United Inventors Association Newsletter and is reprinted here with permission.  Sign up to receive the free UIA weekly newsletter. ******************************** Over the …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 7

Introducing Lambert Licensing

Over the last couple months regular readers of have probably noticed some changes to the site.  One of the most prominent changes is the addition …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 24

United Inventors Association Membership Drive

I am a member of the Board of Directors for the United Inventors Association, which is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since 1990 the UIA has been dedicated …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 1

Client on Fox & Friends

Earlier today Rodger Gooch, a client of mine appeared on the national morning show — Fox & Friends.  Rodger came to me some time ago in order to …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 0

How Inventors Can Avoid Scams, Traps and Raw Deals

Back in March 2009, I traveled to North Carolina to the Everyday Edisons studio to participate in the United Inventors Association filming of a 10 part mini-series that covers …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 0

Falling Prey to Invention Promotion Scams

About a week ago I received a fairly typical e-mail from an individual who was inquiring about whether I could help provide certain services.  As you can …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 0

United Inventors Association Educational Series

On April 24, 2009, the United Inventors Association (UIA) will release a ground-breaking educational series covering every stage of the inventing process.  This 10 part series, made up of episodes …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 5