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Delaware Patent suit pits top two players in U.S. electronic voting machines against each other

On Monday, August 21st, Omaha, NE-based voting machine firm Election Systems & Software filed a patent infringement suit against election product company Dominion Voting Systems of Toronto, Ontario. …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 0

Disruption of the Democratic Campaign Machines: Does a New Machine Mean Changes for Patent Policy?

Does the Democratic Presidential contest suggest that voters think that traditional views on patents or copyrights are on the way out and that collectivism is on the …
By Peter Harter
5 years ago 20

Voter data security lapses call federal data protection, encryption practices into question

Much of the data security world has been abuzz since a blog post at the digital privacy website reported the disconcerting news that the personal …
By Steve Brachmann
5 years ago 1

Private Election Companies Should Have Benefit of Trade Secrets

The general value of trade secret protection, perhaps taken for granted in less scrutinized trades, also applies to the private election equipment industry. The private election companies …
By Paul Holly
7 years ago 2

Trade Secret Policy and Election Companies

There is some conflict with trade secrecy policy application to private election companies and a desire for transparency in government. When the issue is as critical to …
By Paul Holly
7 years ago 0

Trade Secrets and Election Companies: Private Companies in Government Elections

Voting machine companies have responded to these requirements with streamlined computerized equipment, running more sophisticated software than ever before. Many states upgraded their voting equipment to Direct …
By Paul Holly
7 years ago 0