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CAFC Grants Mandamus to Apple on Petition to Vacate Albright’s Intra-District Re-Transfer

On Friday, October 1, the U.S Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) ordered the latest in a series of recent grants of petitions for writ of mandamus, ordering Judge Alan Albright’s court to vacate its decision to re-transfer a case between Apple and Fintiv  from Austin, Texas back to Waco, Texas. Fintiv originally filed the case in the Waco division of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Western District of Texas in December 2018, and in September 2019 the district court granted-in-part Apple’s motion to transfer the case to Austin. The court denied Apple’s request to transfer the case to the Northern District of California, but agreed that Austin was more convenient. The trial was scheduled to begin in October 2021, but in September, the court ordered transfer back to Waco, explaining that the COVID-19 pandemic had suspended jury trials for the forseeable future.

Judge Albright’s Latest Rules Ensure the WDTXs Place as the New Patent Rocket Docket

Judge Alan Albright’s Western District of Texas courtroom in Waco, Texas is the preferred venue for patent cases and the new patent rocket docket. Prior to Judge Albright taking the bench, patent cases filed in Waco were scarce, but since Albright taking the bench, patent cases have exploded. Through November 23, 2020, 3,863  patent cases have been filed nationwide. Of that number, nearly 791  have been filed in Judge Albright’s court.

Small Town Venue to Cosmopolitan City: What Is Waco’s ED of Texas Equivalent?

As outlined in Part I of this two-part article, Waco, Texas residents exude a more western mentality than Marshall’s residents. The small town that once served as a pit stop between Dallas and Austin has turned into its own charming cosmopolitan city, serving almost as a bedroom community for those with periodic work in Dallas and Austin…. Instead of attorneys comparing Marshall to Waco, they would be more accurate to compare the Sherman division’s Denton and Collin counties to the Waco division. Comprising about 80% of panelists in a Sherman division jury selection, jurors from both Denton and Collin counties exude a more western independent mentality than other Eastern District of Texas (EDTX) jurors. Denton and Collin counties have recently transitioned from ranching and farming into commuter suburbs a couple of decades ago, and now the counties have their own stand-alone cosmopolitan and sporting areas. Although lacking the diversity of the Sherman division, over time the Waco division’s growth will likely align it more closely to the Sherman division—a division much more friendly to defendants than Marshall.   

The New Patent Texas Hold’Em: Before Going All In, Attorneys Should Know that Marshall and Waco are Different Decks

As a jury consultant with a wide breadth of experience across the country, I am often asked about the favorability of certain venues, but I was surprised two years ago at the Eastern District of Texas (EDTX) Bench Bar conference when an attorney friend of mine quietly asked what I thought about Waco as a venue for patent cases. I nearly spit my coffee out: “Waco?  That’s a terrible idea!”  “Why?” he questioned, “Isn’t it a small town just like Marshall or Tyler?” I proceeded at length to explain why the Waco division and Western District of Texas (WDTX) is dramatically different than the Marshall division and EDTX. I simply chalked the question up to a one-off inquiry, until I was asked the same question again multiple times from other attorneys at the last EDTX Bench Bar. It was at the last EDTX conference that all the questions fell into place, when I heard about Judge Albright’s intent to prepare a new patent docket in Waco.

The Newest Patent ‘Rocket-Docket’: Waco, Texas

Marshall, Texas has been, and will likely continue to be, one of the major patent litigation cities in the United States. But, Waco, Texas is quickly becoming the new mecca for patent infringement lawsuits due to recent case law and the arrival of a patent-savvy district judge. In the world of patent litigation, we all know Marshall, Texas. The Eastern District of Texas—which includes the Marshall Division—is known to be one of the largest as far as numbers of patent litigation lawsuit filings in the U.S. The economic impact on the region has been significant, as service industries such as hotels, temporary offices, restaurants and catering companies grew to serve the regular flow of litigators and their clients coming to Marshall for hearings and trials from around the country. Several national and regional law firms specializing in patent litigation opened satellite offices in and around Marshall to serve their frequent needs for access to the busy courthouse.