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7 Things C-suite Executives Need to Know About Patents

CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and General Counsel are typically very good at making decisions when they have the relevant information, but how often do they have the relevant information when making decisions regarding patents and innovation? Even worse, when decisions are being made the Chief Patent Counsel is frequently not even in the room.

Patent Issue-Spotting for Trademark Lawyers

This webinar will cover basic information regarding patent protection, and address scenarios where patent issues may arise in counseling clients on trademark matters. Topics will include patentable subject matter, patent filing deadlines, design patent protection, international considerations, and strategies for providing comprehensive intellectual property counseling to clients.

First Inventor to File (FITF) Patent Prosecution

Hosted by the USPTO. Will cover helpful tips concerning identifying the America Invents Act (AIA) status of your application, invoking prior art exceptions during prosecution, and getting more help with application-specific questions.

Cuozzo Challenges IPR at the Supreme Court: So What is Next?

On Tuesday, February 2, 2016, at 12 PM ET, patent expert, Gene Quinn will host a free webinar discussion on the current state of inter partes review and what the Supreme Court stepping into the mix will mean for the future of these proceedings.

Our Political Patent System: Is Patent Justice for Sale?

The unfortunate reality is the United States is no longer the most favorable jurisdiction for innovators. There has been a full assault on patent rights that started at least as early as 2005. Ever since we have seen proposed legislative change after proposed legislative change, as well as a never ending stream of cases at the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit that continue to weaken patent rights. Innovators are under attack from ever expanding judicial exceptions that render more and more subject matter patent ineligible, and from an ever expanding view of what it means to be obvious. This coupled with fresh new ways to challenge issued patents and concern about a patent litigation explosion that doesn’t exist is leading to extraordinary mischief in the Courts, on Capitol Hill and in the White House.