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Federal Circuit affirms PTAB decision to invalidate MPHJ patent

The Federal Circuit upheld the decision of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”), on Inter Partes Review, to invalidate as anticipated or obvious all claims of a patent owned by MPHJ Technology Investments. MPHJ’s patent describes a system and method for scanning a physical document and “replicat[ing it] into other devices or applications or the internet,” for instance, by email.

When Do Operating Companies Sell Their Patents?

What causes operating companies to sell their patents? Our intuition tells us that patent sales take place when the seller is in financial distress or the company is underperforming. We asked ourselves whether data aligned with our intuition… 71% of the sales occurred when the seller underperformed the overall market by more than 5 percentage points.

Xerox Seeks Patent on Method of Compensating Remote Workers

The Xerox Corporation Ltd. of Norwalk, CT, is a major American multinational corporation, which offers one of the world’s most extensive line of printing products, both for business and personal uses… We start today’s column with an exploration of our featured patent application, which would protect a method of better compensating remote workers who contribute to tasks assigned through project crowdsourcing programs. The system it describes would analyze the work returned by those contributing to the crowdsourced project, judging the quality of the work returned against certain thresholds to create a fairer system of compensation. Other patent applications would protect means for storing handwritten marks made by digital pens as well as a system for encouraging more efficient printing techniques among users of a printing network.

Xerox to Sell Patents in Sealed Bid Auction

Xerox (NYSE: XRX), a global leader in business processes and document management systems, has engaged intellectual property brokerage ICAP Patent Brokerage, the world’s largest intellectual property brokerage and patent auction firm, to auction 239 U.S. patents and associated foreign patents and pending patent application. The patents represent projects from Xerox’s five global research centers, including PARC, a Xerox Company. The patents and pending U.S. and foreign applications will be divided into 27 different lots and are spread across 26 distinct technological fields. Bidding will take place between July 24th and July 29th.

Xerox Invents: Ink, Copiers and Respiratory Function Estimator

Today we take our first in-depth look at the inventions which have lately sprung from the minds of researchers and developers working at Xerox. We start with an extensive look at one patent application filed by Xerox that would protect a method for less intrusive monitoring of a patient’s respiratory functions. This system uses 2D video in conjunction with a distortion pattern worn on the subject’s chest to determine lung volume and activity. Other patent applications we feature today discuss a variety of environmentally-friendly and sustainable inks as well as one innovation that would allow copy machines to detect that a human operator is nearby and enter normal operating mode. Our look at Xerox’s recently issued patents show a much wider scope of innovation, including a couple of patents protecting technologies to improve public transportation and intelligent transport systems (ITS). Another intriguing patent protects a method for embedding infrared marks on a document to prevent against forgery. Sentiment analysis of informal language found on social media networks is the focus of another patent which we discuss below.